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Dr. Timothy Houska

After being raised in ministry, Dr. Timothy Houska has been preaching the word of faith for 32 years and has served as a pastor for over 20 years.  He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Upper Room Praise & Worship Center, a non-denominational church located in Wilmington, NC. 

Dr. Houska has a lifelong compassion for those less fortunate and finds joy in feeding the hungry each week in Wilmington.  The food ministry also blesses the lives of many in the country of Jamaica.  Dr. Houska leads a missions program to Jamaica, where thousands of lives are reached through evangelism.  Being known for his bold preaching and dynamic ministering, he is highly sought after to hold evangelistic crusades in Jamaica, the US, and all over the world.  Dr. Houska works in all gifts of the spirit and personally ministers to people through prayer and prophetic words.  Thousands have become determined to live a more prosperous life for Christ through the ministry of Dr. Houska, and he will continue to cultivate the faith in those touched by his ministry.


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